• 1.In what ways should the special argricultural products be bought?

    1. Please place your order on the online shopping website of Qingjing Farm.
    2. For further inquiries, please call 049-2802748 ext. 5208.
    3. We accept ATM transfer, remittance, and online card payments.

  • 2.What are the special agricultural products that the farm produces? What are the characteristics?

    The farm produces its own farm products, including tea, kiwi, chrysanthemum, and shiitake mushrooms. Adhering to non-conventional farming methods, the farm does not apply pesticides and chemical fertilizers and sends all farm products for pesticide residue inspection, of which the kiwi fruit has obtained the certification of organic agricultural products. In addition, the farm’s tea is also moving towards the certification of organic agricultural products, marketing the "Cebu Tea-Qingxin Oolong, Jinxuan Tea" and "Liying Black Tea" brands. In addition, the farm’s tea is also moving towards the certification of organic agricultural products, which are sold under the brand names of "Qingjing Farm Jin Xuan Oolong Tea" and "Qingjing Farm Li Ying Black Tea". Under the concept of sustainable management and agricultural product safety, our self-produced farm products of this farm will be your best choice.
  • 3.What is the exact time on which sheep shearing shows are held?

    Sheep shearing shows are held at 09:30 am and 14:30 pm on regular holidays, consecutive holidays, national holidays, summer vacations, and winter vacations. No sheep shearing show will be held on Wednesday during summer vacations and winter vacations.
  • 4.How can independent traveler reach Qingjing Farm from Taichung?

    “Qingjing Farm Travel Package 600”jointly issued by Qingjing Farm and Nantou Bus contains two-way ticket for “Taichung-Qingjing Farm” and entrance ticket for Green Green Grasslands.
    With this travel package at hand, you can travel directly to Qingjing Farm from Taichung Train Station or THSR Taichung Station, and enjoy a 40% discount and 15% discount on regular days and holidays at Qingjing Guest House, respectively.
    Ticket Offices:Nantou Bus Taichung Gancheng Station or Exit 5 of THSR Taichung Station
    For more transportation information, please contact Nantou Bus directly.
    Service Hotline: +886-49-2984031
    Link to Nantou Bus Online Enquiry
  • 5.Is there any shuttle bus that operates between ticket booths at Qingjing Farm?

    A total of 2 entrances (northern ticket booth and southern ticket booth) are made available at Green Green Grasslands.
    Departing from the parking space of tourist recreational center (7-11), our shuttle bus run every 20-30 minutes between northern ticket booth and southern ticket booth of Green Green Grasslands. One-way ticket price is NT$20 for each person.
  • 6.Is there any shuttle bus that operates between Taichung and Qingjing Farm?

    You can take shuttle bus at Taichung Gancheng Station which is directly destined for Qingjing Farm, or you can make your transfer at Puli Station and take a shuttle bus that is destined for Songgang or Cueifong to reach Qingjing Farm.
    For further inquiries, please contact Nantou Bus.
    Service hotline: 049-2984031
    Link to Nantou Bus Online Enquiry
  • 7.Can I rent a motorcycle or bicycle at Qingjing Farm?

    Sorry, we don’t provide motorcycle or bicycle rental service at this current stage.
  • 8.What are the restaurant names and contact numbers at Qingjing Hotel?

    Qingjing Hotel owns a Chinese restaurant that serves Chinese food and a western restaurant that serves high quality beef steaks, mutton steaks, and other kinds of steaks.
    TEL: +886-49-2802748
  • 9.Should I make a reservation for Chinese & Western Restaurant?

    Generally, you don’t need to make a reservation for Chinese & Western Restaurant in advance. However, a reservation made in advance can save you from long-line waiting on holidays. For specialty foods, make sure to that you book 3 days in advance.
    TEL: +886-49-2802748

  • 10.Does Qingjing Farm provide baby stroller for little babies?

    Qingjing Guest House provides baby stroller rental service for visitors with little babies.
  • 11.Are there any campsites available in Qingjing Farm?

    We provide three kinds of campsites (Cub Campsite / Regular Campsite / LOHAS Campsite) at Small Swiss Garden.
    Please dial 049-2803308 to make your reservation in advance.

  • 12.Will sheep shearing show be canceled on rainy days?

    Sheep shearing show will still be held on days with light rain. But under poor weather conditions or typhoons, sheep shearing show will be canceled according to public announcement.
  • 13.Does the farm provide experience activities?

    Qingjing Farm provides a number of experience activities including self-produced Corriedale wool hand-made experience series, the only shepherd experience in Taiwan, the mountain equestrian experience, and the non-toxic and healthy farming experience series (depending on the season). Online registration is required. For further inquiries, please contact us through the following approaches.
    Registration website: https://event.chingjing.com.tw/
    LINE official account for customer service: @qingjingfarm
    Contact number: +886-49-2802222 #2277, 2246, 2273, 2272
    Contact mailbox: [email protected]
  • 14.Does Qingjing Farm provide tour guide services? Volunteers are made available at Qingjing Farm to provide tour guide services.

    For Friday, Saturday, and Sunday every week, there are 4 fixed-point tour guide services at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, and 15:00 per day. Free guided tours are provided at the volunteer room at the northern end of Green Green Grassland.
    Reservation Procedure:after group application (by filling out the application form and sending through fax)→applicant must inform us through phone call→organizer will call back to confirm group itinerary and schedule→tour guide arrangement
    Link to the application form : https://www.Qingjing.gov.tw/document/
  • 15.How should overseas visitors make their reservation?

    We provide our overseas visitors with the following reservation methods:
    Please dial number at 049-2802748#5314 for hotel reservation services.
    Please make your reservation on line (through card payment with money deposit required). We only offer part of the rooms for online reservations. For other special rooms or rooms with smaller number, please make your reservation through phone call or communication software.
    Please leave your name, contact number, e-mail address, estimated date of reservation, room types, and room quantity at customer service mailbox [email protected] Our dedicated personnel will contact you immediately once customer service personnel receive your mail.
    Through communication software at Qingjing Guest House, our dedicated personnel will contact you immediately once customer service personnel receive your mail.
    QQ :  210095746
    LINE :@qingjingfarm
    SKYPE :hhhyhui
  • 16.How can independent travelers reach Qingjing Farm from Taoyuan International Airport, Taichung Airport, or THSR Taichung Station?

    From Taoyuan International Airport to Qingjing Farm:
    Passengers are advised to take a shuttle bus from Taoyuan International Airport to THSR Taoyuan Station (approximately 25 minutes), take THSR to THSR Taichung Station (approximately 40 minutes), follow the signs to reach Exit 5, and take Nantou Bus to Qingjing Farm (approximately 2 hours). The cost per person is about NT$262 (the actual price is based on the announcement of Nantou Bus Transportation Co. Ltd., and the ticket is purchased on the bus).

    From Taichung Airport to Qingjing Farm:
    Passengers are advised to take Taichung Bus from Taichung Airport to Taichung Train Station (approximately 90 minutes). After leaving Taichung Train Station, please take a 10-minute walk to Taichung Gancheng Station and take Nantou Bus to reach Qingjing Farm.

    From THSR Taichung Station to Qingjing Farm
    Please follow the signs to reach exit 5 and take Nantou Bus to reach Qingjing Farm (approximately 2 hours). Please purchase your ticket after getting on bus.