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Taiwan's Little Europe in the clouds, Qingjing Farm

Founded on February 20, 1961, Qingjing Farm is located 8 kilometers from the northern end of Wushe, Provincial Highway 14A of Central Cross-Island Highway, with fresh air, lush forests, and blooming flowers.
At an altitude of 1750 meters above sea level and with an average temperature of 15℃~23℃ from May to September every year, Qingjing Farm is far away from the scorching heat of the city. During your stay at the Qingjing Farm, you are able to gain a birds-eye view of lush Greenland by ascending a height and looking into the distance, making you linger on without any thought of leaving.
  무상도원  霧の中の桃源郷  

Opening hours for admission

Open at 08:00 in the morning and close at 17:00 in the afternoon


About Qingjing

Qingjing Farm offers exquisite scenes all four seasons of the year, each with its own unique interest, and just by following your steps you can enjoy them all: Mountain Reflection in Jade Lake, 487-Steps Trail, Clouds Covering the Mountain, Green Green Grasslands, Fragrance of Fruit Orchards, Sincere Heart Makes Wishes Come True. Here you can fully savor the sweet tranquility of the high-mountain countryside.

Qingjing, in its broad sense, covers Qingjing Farm and its environs, from Wushe to Meifeng. It is intersected by Provincial Highway 14A. Its main scenic spots include Green Green Grasslands, Guanshan Pastoral Areas, Shoushan Park Ecological Area, 487-Steps Trail, and Small Swiss Garden.

Feature Attractions
1. Guest House Veterans Museum and Bowang New Village
Guest House Veterans Museum and Bowang New Village
Themed on the humanity and culture of Paiyi (Dai) people in Qingjing, the Guest House Veterans Museum and the Bowang New Village Yunnan and Myanmar Cultural Exhibition Hall have demonstrated the mentality of members of Yunnan and Myanmar guerrillas over the last 50+ years in Qingjing.

Bowang New Village Yunnan and Myanmar Cultural Exhibition Hall presents the history of lonely soldiers fighting bravely in a foreign land and the vicissitudes of drifting. Guest House Veterans Museum, on the other hand, records how veterans went from the Second Sino-Japanese War to the Retreat of the Government of the Republic of China to Taiwan, felling wood, building houses, reclaiming land in Qingjing, to today’s prosperous scene, leaving past footprints that transform into pages of touching history.

The settlements of ethnic minorities from Yunnan have the legend of Yunnan and Myanmar guerrillas, featuring the humanity and culture of Paiyi (Dai) people in combination with ecological guide commentary, beetle ecological experience, guerrilla exploration experience, Yunnan customs & Paiyi cuisine, etc. to form a community with unique culture and industrial characteristics.

2. Small Swiss Garden
Small Swiss Garden
Small Swiss Garden is a European-style garden embellished with temperate flowers. Through the flowers of different colors, the open maze composed of various totems is configured to attract tourists to stop and take pictures. Furthermore, the garden is planted with sweetgum, green maple, bald cypress, cherry blossoms, etc., decorating the space with colors of the four seasons.

Expanded from the alpine pool, the Siyuan Pool is decorated with weeping willows on the poolside. Elements such as stone benches, pavilions, and small bridges were also added to form a picturesque view that is both beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. Camping areas are set up around to provide campfire and rest services. The spire-style European-style building at the entrance is matched with various OPEN themed landscaping to welcome guests. With cedar lining both sides of the avenue, it makes tourists feel that they are arriving in Switzerland.

3. Green Green Grasslands
Green Green Grasslands

Under the boundless sky, on the vast plains, both cows and sheep can be seen when the wind blows and the grass lowers. With a whistle, the shepherd ushered the shepherd dog to herd all the sheep to run freely on the vast grassland. Tourists are welcomed to interact with the sheep, learn about the sheep's ecology, and watch the most popular sheep shearing show.

4. Horse Riding Show고산목정(牧情)
Located on the backbone of a mountain range, Qingjing Farm allows visitors to take a closer look at the pastoral scenery on the trails. Standing on the grassland with sceneries that resemble Switzerland, tourists can see the majestic peaks of the Central Mountain Range, the undulating mountains range of Puli Basin, the blue wave of Jade Lake, and the beautiful sunset of City Guard Mountain, which are suitable both for hiking and enjoying the sceneries.

Qingjing Farm also provides visitors with splendid interactive shows like Sheep Shearing Show and Horse Riding Show. In the Sheep Shearing Show, the visitors are allowed to interact with the sheep up close, admire the adorable and gentle side of the sheep, and enhance the parent-child relationship through the interaction with animals. The Horse Riding Show, on the other hand, presents the difficult movements that can only be seen in the circus. In the equestrian riding and acrobat show, the highly difficult and exciting actions are sure to surprise and impress you.

In addition to enjoying the wonderful interactive shows, the only shepherd experience and the little jockey experience in Taiwan are also fun ways for visitors to explore Qingjing Farm. Under the guidance of shepherds and coaches, visitors also learn about animal husbandry, sheep herding skill, or basic equestrian experiences, not only experiencing the Qingjing Farm in-depth but also deepening the relationship between relatives and friends.

5. Shoushan Garden
The bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek in Shoushan Park is a stronghold in the park which offers a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery. Because there is no light pollution, it is very suitable for stargazing activities. Since numerous native plants have been grown in the park for many years, the ecosystem is diverse and there are also explanatory signs for the flora and fauna in the park. As green maple, sweetgum, cherry blossoms, and ginkgo are planted in the area, flowers and leaves compete with each other for the beauty of looks as the seasons change. It is also the best place to appreciate mid-to-high altitude birds in the morning and twilight.

6. Feature Trails
특색 보도는
The connected trails from the north to the south of Qingjing Farm have formed a network from the Green Green Grasslands to Qingjing Guest House for walking, hiking, and sightseeing. The entire park is connected by Guangshan Trail, 487-Steps Trail (literally: attaining eminence step-by-step) Trail, Sunset Trail, Cryptomeria Trail, Jade Lake Trail, Tea Garden Trail, and Qingjing Scenic Trail.

Featured trails connect various scenic spots. In addition to viewing mountains, clouds, flowers, lakes, and sunsets, you may also enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sceneries to your heart's fullest content.

7.  Jade Lake비후(碧湖)/ 취이후(翠湖)경관
When the late president Chiang Kai-shek came on an inspection visit, he saw the turquoise waters enclosed by the mountains, and the majestic mountains intermingled to form the beautiful panorama, as if a beautiful fade inlaid among the mountains, thus the lake became famous as the “Jade Lake”.

From the pathways of the QingJing Veterans Farm, visitors may enjoy the beautiful lake view and experience the beauty of the mountain lake view.

8. Continuous Mountain Peaks of Qilai Mountain
As one of the Hundred Peaks of Taiwan, the Qilai Mountain is located along the Central Mountain Range.
Here at QingJing, visitors can welcome the arrival of dawn on the verdant mountain peaks and witness the first rays of sunlight transforming into the varying auras, a vista on par with that of Alishan Mountain.